Monday, September 12, 2011

My, oh my...

Aydan will be one in 32 days. I find myself getting excited to plan a fun party and have all of friends together, but to be completely honest, it is an emotional roller coaster. My baby really is growing up, whether I like it or not. I feel like he really will be pulling out of my driveway tomorrow.

Motherhood has been amazing, this last (almost) year has been amazing. I feel like being a mother is what I was meant to do but in all seriousness, is my baby really turning one?!

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  1. They grow up fast!!! Junior is 18 months on Friday, and I swear he JUST turned one. I am always that ONE Mom that is like "Eh, I love watching him grow up" so when he turned one, I didn't freak out. I am beginning to freak out because it feels like it's *really* going by too freaking fast now!