Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Insta Tuesday, y'all!

My, oh my. It's a lot easier to be a social media butterfly after the commotion of your husband getting ready to leave has settled! So, for the first time I am linking up with Taingamala for Insta Tuesday! I'm pretty excited! Y'all can find me on Instagram under AlyssaJames21. :)

I seriously draw blanks when it comes to a meal plan fit for just a momma and her toddler.

Day 3 of C25K and I felt like death, but I didn't give up!

On a rainy Monday, Aydan enjoyed watching "Momo" on Youtube. 

While picking up a few last minute things before NTC, Bryan was tempted by this awesome Pink Digi Backpack. 

Sometimes, you just need to stop and dance (and be extra safe doing so by wearing Dad's PT belt!)

My not so little boy and I at the splash park!


  1. Pink is definitely Bryan's color and I need a dance party with Aydan!

  2. Haha the pink backpack is too funny.

  3. Meal planning with a toddler in mind would be so hard! I have a hard enough time meal planning for just my husband and I. I really hope he got that backpack. It looks great with his uniform! lol I DIE when I do C25K too but it feels so good getting better! I'm only a week ahead of you. Thanks for linking up!