Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

The lovely Allison @ Keep Calm and Soldier On nominated me for this sweet award.

This is the second time I've been nominated for this award and I am so very excited! 

The Rules:
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
- Answer the questions that the tagger set for you PLUS create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
- Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
- Go to their page and tell them.

No tag backs!

11 Random facts about me:

1. I was born in St. Petersburg, FL and raised in Orlando where I also met my soldier in 2005! 
2. My favorite flower is the hydrangea.
3. I've never seen snow! Crazy, right?
4. My favorite movie is 'Breakfast at Tiffany's"
5. I have this weird issue where some days I have a super strong southern twang and some days I don't. Haha!
6. I feel as though my biggest accomplishment in life was becoming a mother. 
7. My Grandfather was one of the most influential men in my life. I have a special spot in my heart for grandparents. 
8. A few of my all-time favorite TV shows are Friends, One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven.
9. That said, I also adore some trashy reality TV! The Bachelor(ette), Any of the Real Housewives, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, etc., etc..
10. I love Halloween! I just love seeing all the whimsical decorations and adorable costumes!
11. I've only ever lived in the Eastern Time Zone. 

My answers to Allison's fun 11 questions: 

1. When did you start your blog and why? What was your very first post (link to it)?
-I started my blog in July 2011, mostly because I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to share with the world but I didn't feel like Facebook was the proper place to do so. Here it is!

2. What is one thing you like to brag about, about yourself?
-This is a tough one for me! I'm not one to brag really. I guess if I had to, I would brag and say that I am extremely laid back and go with the flow, it takes a lot to get me really upset. 

3. What is the best advice you've gotten?
“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~Audrey Hepburn

4. What is the best recipe you've ever tried?
This sinful meatloaf recipe! We had it last night and it makes me fall in love every time!

5. What do you wish your parents had been more strict about when you were younger and why?
Hmmm. I was raised by a single mother and I honestly can't think of anything I wish she would have been more strict about. She was pretty strict.

6. What was your favorite thing to play with growing up?
I was a Barbie addict! Come to think of it, I wonder if there are any Barbie Addicts Anonymous groups around here...

7. What is your most vivid childhood holiday memory?
The year we spent Christmas at Disney World was pretty magical! There was fake snow blowing everywhere and they even managed to set up an ice rink in Central Florida. I think that day reminded me that it wasn't so much about gifts as it was about spending precious moments with family. :)

8. What is a "best kept secret" that you found out about?
I'm not sure if it falls into the "secret" category, but one of the best ideas I've ever been given was to cover our son's bedroom floor with balloons on the night before his birthday. The look on his face when he woke up on his birthday was priceless. I'll never forget that moment! Thank you, Pinterest!

9. What is one thing on your bucket list you're worried you'll never get to do?
Donate a kidney to a terminally ill child.

10. What is the best item in your wardrobe?
I think my answer to this depends on my mood and the day. On this dreary Tuesday morning, I think I'd say that Gap pull-over hoodie is lookin' mighty fine but I think the best "basic" in my wardrobe on any given day is my favorite pair of American Eagle Artist Jeans.

11. What unique item do you always keep in your fridge?
I keep a lot of random pantry items in my fridge. All of my sugars, flour, corn starch, bread. I've always been really paranoid about bugs (especially after living in South Georgia) so I try to avoid any reason for them to enter my home and eat from my pantry. Weird and paranoid, I know.

My Nominees:
  1. Cassidy @ I'll Follow You Anywhere
  2. Mrs. S @ Lipstick and Leathernecks
  3. Katelyn @ Livin' Our Love Song
  4. Christine @ A Lady and Her Soldier
  5. Krista @ Army Wife Style
  6. Liz @ Liz's Diary
  7. Mrs. K @ Mrs. K and Captain J.
  8. Holly @ The Morrow
  9. Nikki @ From Mrs. to Momma
  10. Amanda @ The B's
  11. Nicole @ A Florida Girl and her Soldier (she has a little bit more than 200 followers but she is the sweetest of friends and deserves lots of blog love!)

Questions for my nominees:

1. What's one major life event that you wish you could relive just once?

2. Who do you consider to be the most influential family member is your life? 

3. If you could only make/eat one meal for an entire week, what would it be? Link the recipe! 

4. What's your most favorite Pinterest find to date? 

5. What's your dream car? 

6. What bill do you dread paying the most? 

7. Do you remember your very first cell phone? Describe it.

8. What is one "must-have" in your dream home?

9. What is your favorite blog that does NOT qualify for the Liebster Blog Award?

10. Name your biggest guilty pleasure.

11. What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Please link your post in the comments below once it is posted! I can't wait to see all of your answers! 



  1. Ha, this is awesome timing because I JUST gave you this award on my blog today. Great answers!

  2. Christmas at Disney World!?! What the what!?! I would LOVE that!!

    Also, you just totally creeped me out about the bugs, and since reading your post, I'm checking everything before I put my hand in! Nasty!

  3. ahhh this is awesome! thank you! so excited to answer these questions!

  4. Thanks for the award! I'll try to get to these questions soon :)

  5. Aww thanks for the award! I promise as soon as I come back from the dead, I will get some substance back on my blog. Deployments + 2 babies is no easy feat! Great questions! :)