Sunday, October 23, 2011

One IS Fun!

A little late, but I must announce that my sweet little boy is now a sweet little one-year-old. His birthday was perfect and his party was a perfect reflection of just how loved he his.

Thursday night, Bryan and I sat in our living room blowing up 74 balloons and snuck them into Aydan's room, when he woke up on Friday (his actual birthday), his face lit up at the sight of 74 colorful balloons glistening in the morning light. It was more than worth all of the hot air and lightheadedness! He also throughly enjoyed romping around in the balloons pretty much all day long. I recommend this to any of my friends, less than $5 gets you one of the greatest birthday surprises and truly reminds you that it really is the little things that mean so much to our kids.
We spent the day just enjoying our little family, we went to dinner at Outback and Aydan was serenaded by the "Aussie" crew who served him a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and Oreo cookie crumbles, no spoon needed, though! Aydan ate that thing by the fistful until I'm pretty sure he experienced his first brain freeze. Bryan's family arrived Friday night and oh my, the craziness began right away!

Saturday morning was a whirlwind, who would have thought that a first birthday party could be so much work?! The park pavilion was decorated and the food was ready literally with seconds to spare, thanks to my mom and my amazing husband for their help, otherwise, I'm pretty sure the party would have been a flop. The best part of his birthday party, was without a doubt seeing just how loved my baby boy is, people took time out of their day to come to a first birthday party in honor of my amazing son and that means the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have amazing friends.

Aydan is one now and I really didn't know what to expect of this milestone, of course I was sad in a way, he will never be a brand new, tiny newborn cradled perfectly in my arms again but it was a lot more than just losing a "baby." It was more about the amazing little boy we are gaining. In his short little year of life he has learned 10+ words including "Mama" and "Daddy" and he has learned to look into our eyes, grab our faces and smother us with the sweetest, big wet kisses I've ever known and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world, not even a brand new, tiny newborn. He's a little person now, the most amazing little person I've ever known and as Bryan says, we really can't wait to "meet" the person he grows to be. He is an amazingly perfect, sweet, handsome, wild and crazy one-year-old and one IS fun!

I love you, sweet boy. More than the moon and the stars and brighter than the sun will ever shine, to pluto and back.

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