Thursday, March 29, 2012

One week!

I feel like a giddy teenager! After three long months of being away from my soldier and 4 long months of AIT for him, I will finally be back in his arms one week from today! This has been a crazy journey for both of us and I truly feel like the distance has strengthened us. I am so proud that Bryan will now be qualified for two MOS' and I hope he truly enjoys his new field. There is still a lot of uncertainty as far as where we will be going to after AIT but no matter what, his report date is not until May 10, so there is lots of family time to be had and hopefully some house hunting too! The Aydanator and I will be flying out next Thursday morning, and while I am nervous about flying, I'm happy to eliminate a very long drive after driving from Florida to Ohio just a few weeks ago. We will be exploring DC and of course taking Aydan to the National Zoo! I think he is at the perfect age and that he will really enjoy seeing all of the amazing animals. Bryan and I have always wanted to see the changing of the guards at Arlington National Cemetery together. I've seen it once before but I'd love to see it again with Bryan, so if I can convince my in-laws to sit with Aydan for a few minutes, that is also on our must- do list. I refuse to bring my very rambunctious toddler to an area where no talking is allowed! Haha! I am planning a shopping drip to buy a new dress for Bryan's graduation ceremony. Where have y'all found some good stuff lately?

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