Friday, February 24, 2012

Greetings from the Sunshine State!

Hello strangers!

Aydan and I have been in Florida for almost a month now, my goodness! Time flies by on most days, Aydan is growing like a weed and Bryan is more than half way done with AIT. His graduation is set for the week before Easter! I am pumped to say the least!

Aydan has a reevaluation appointment at an amazing children's hospital here in town on Monday afternoon. I am anxious to get another therapist's opinion and see what the next step should be. It seems like his pronation has worsened but I will let them be the judge of the severity of it. It seems to be a common thought in New York that my son's condition is no big deal until he's three-years-old. I could not disagree more and will not be letting a year and half go by before he gets the treatment he deserves, meanwhile letting his condition worsen, so we are still fighting Bryan's orders to Drum. Fingers are crossed!

Since I go MIA way too often, please check out the blog of one of my all time favorite people and a fellow Gator lover and Floridian! Her monster and my monster are Gator buddies with too much distance between them! So, check out Nicole and you will soon realize why she makes my heart happy!