Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Aydan, Happy Birthday!

Dear Aydan,

   Two years ago, at 6:51 am, your father and I met you. Little did we know, you would be stealing our hearts a little more each day. Before you, I knew I loved your father more than I had ever loved anyone before but I never imagined that someone so little could come along and make me love him more. You showed me the power of love, you were the most perfect example of the love your father and I shared.

   You've actually taught me quite a bit. You've taught me patience beyond belief. Seriously, you can only pull all of the wipes out of the container so many times before I'm destined to pull my hair out, right? But then I stop and think, there is something so wonderfully fascinating about that for you. You're constantly learning and one day, I will learn to put the damn wipes up out of reach. One day. You've taught me to appreciate even the littlest things in life. That disgusting spider in the back yard really is quite interesting, I suppose. 

   I actually think the world as we know it should take a lesson from you. Everyone is your friend. You see no color, you don't care what anyone is wearing or how their hair looks that day, you wave at them in the grocery store and give them a very enthusiastic "Hi!" It melts my heart. It also really pisses me off when they don't wave back. You're a people person for sure! You love unconditionally, when I'm upset, you hug me and even when I'm not, you hug me. Those random, "run up and grab your legs because I love you so much" hugs are the best! I feel so incredibly lucky to have you in my life, let alone call you mine. 

   How is this perfect, beautiful, blue-eyed boy mine? I look at you and I think "I must of done something right." And in that moment when I'm so overcome with emotion and about to cry like sappy mothers do, you make me laugh and bring back down to Earth. You ground me. 

   You have taught me to dance. Dance like no one is looking and if they are, who cares? I never danced before you, but the way you just break it down every time music is playing is inspiring. Why don't people dance more often? You can change the world, little man, one dance move at a time! 

You've taught me to be proud of myself. At what age do we stop clapping for ourselves every time we go potty on the big potty? Why do we suddenly become ashamed to be proud of ourselves? Especially when there is so much to be proud of. You are at the top of my list. I am so proud of you!

   You have taught me to just let you help. Sure, you put the dirty clothes in the dryer and the dry, clean clothes in the washer. But you're trying so hard to help and be a big boy. You may not be quite as big as you dream to be, but your heart is huge. You love to help people because you love people and that is truly amazing. I never expected to see so much love come out of someone so little. Don't you ever lose that, you hear me? 

   Most of all, you have taught me to love unconditionally, to give people second chances and to forgive them on their bad days. "Nobody is perfect" is a lie, because you are perfect to me. Always have been, and always will be. And when you grow up and you look in the mirror, may you always see the perfect, beautiful boy that I see.

   I loved you since before I met you on that beautiful morning at 6:51 am and I will love you long after my last breath. Don't you ever change, beautiful boy. Don't you ever change. 

Happy Second Birthday, Sweet Monster! 

All my love,