Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aydanator Update!


There have been many "woosah" moments today. Aydan finally saw his physical therapist this morning and it really seemed like one thing after another. Here's the break down:

-Aydan's hips are not symmetrical.
-One leg is shorter than the other.
-He has an issue with pronating his right feet.
-He turns his feet outward more than what is considered "normal" for a toddler.
-He drags his right foot.
-Because of the shorter leg, it causes him to kind of bring his leg around in a circular motion to walk.

But he doesn't have cancer or some other life-threatening disease, these things are treatable and we will get past this. That is basically what I have had to tell myself all day and I'm pretty ashamed that I even had to do that. I know this isn't a death sentence, so why am I such a wreck?! My baby boy is perfect in every single way and he was given these hurdles because he was strong enough to handle them and get over them. He is so strong and I really do admire him, he's overcome a lot to meet his milestones and even the fact that he is finally walking is amazing. I just don't know why I have been such a mess all day, I haven't answered the phone and I haven't really wanted to talk to anyone (except Bryan) about it. I don't want to hear anyone's two cents on the therapist's observations or have someone tell me they noticed that his walking didn't seem "normal." I think my emotions are already on high just from all this PCS stuff and beginning to say goodbye to all of our friends in Savannah. In my heart, I know that a few years from now this will all just be a mountain in the distance and we will be proud to say that Aydan jumped over his hurdles with a beautiful smile on his face!

I am addicted to this version of John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" by Ben Harper. Aydan is the most beautiful little person I have ever met and I am so honored to be his momma. I love you, little bug. 

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  1. Aydanator is a strong and determined little boy just like his Momma! Y'all will get through this and if you need to cry and throw yourself a pity party, do it! It's well deserved. We don't have to hold it together 100% of the time. xo