Friday, September 14, 2012

Fill in the blank Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! I plan to spend the weekend using "y'all" after every sentence seeing as how I am missing the south a little more each day. Sweet tea, southern twangs and southern charm! Oh, and Publix! Gosh, I miss that place.

Anyway, back on track! On this beautiful Friday morning, I am linking up with Lauren at The Little Things We Do. This is my first time linking up with her, so here it goes!

1.  Right now the weather where I live is   Bi-Polar! Yesterday was a high of 80, I don't even know what today is trying to be but tomorrow is only a high of 60! Fall is definitely in the air, though. The big oak tree outside my back door has several red leaves on it. I'm very excited to experience my first "real" Fall!

2.  The best piece of advice I've been given is Dance like nobody is watching. I say it all the time, but you really have to live your life like no one is watching and enjoy the amazing, little moments. This morning, Aydan and I danced around our living room to Gangnam Style on the Today Show and had the best time!

3.  My most favorite person in all the world is  my crazy husband. He makes me laugh like no other and I truly believe that is so important and in that same respect, I think Aydan falls into this category because he truly reminds me so much of Bryan. 

4. If I were to have a "mission statement" for my life, it would be  Living life one day at a time, each day filled with love and family. Remembering that family is more than blood relatives and lots of what you make it. Laughing each day and remembering to stare fear in the face and give it a big smile. 

5. My most favorite item in my closet is  I just got a new, really light, super soft hoodie from Old Navy. I never find anything in there that I like for me, their stuff usually fits me way wrong but I love this new item! Go ahead and call the fashion police, but I love hoodies.

6. The best cure for a bad day is  I agree with Lauren, coffee! I usually start my day with two cups!

7.  Today is  Aydan's 23-monthiversary! For the last almost two years, I have counted each month that has gone by and I have a feeling that will end soon, I don't do well with big numbers. Haha! In one month, my monster will be TWO. I can't even wrap my head around that. 


  1. I love hoodies too!!! I don't care who doesn't like them but they are super comfy. :)

  2. I say y'all constantly. If I start talking to someone with a southern accent mine starts to come out in FULL force. The weather has been super crazy this week. I heard it might rain tonight, but that tomorrow and Sunday should be gorgeous.

  3. I'm a big hoodie fan, too. And I feel the same way about Old Navy. I can almost never find anything I like in there that fits right, but those rare times I do, it becomes my favorite article of clothing for awhile. I'm currently wearing the only piece of Old Navy clothing that I own, just a boring striped t-shirt.
    Coffee makes everything better!