Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Boy's Weekend?

Bryan's dad is headed down from Chattanooga today, they plan on driving down to Florida to catch a glimpse of the last Atlantis shuttle launch. The weather is questionable, so it might actually be rescheduled. I always work all day on Saturday so it is starting to look like Aydan will be tagging along with the boys! Of course I will miss both of my boys, I've never been away from both of them at the same time, but I'm mostly excited for them. This will be the first time that Aydan gets some undivided time with his "Papa" and his Papa won't have to share him with anyone else (except his daddy, of course). I really hope they have a fun trip, Aydan is a great traveler and really just a great baby, so I'm sure he will enjoy the trip.

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