Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, Funday? And exploding babies, of course!

It's Monday! Not only is it Monday, it's the Monday before we leave town for an entire week. That's a big deal! My house is in shambles and it's driving me crazy, yet somehow every time I actually take the time to clean it, I go off on some tangent and start reorganizing something that no one will appreciate but me. Today will be different, no really, it WILL be different. I have my fabulous hair appointment in a few hours, so I will come home rested and relaxed and ready to get things done! It will happen. I can't stand my house being out of order. Not to mention, leaving town and packing for our adventures has taken on a whole new meaning since Aydan made his entrance into the world. It's not just a matter of forgetting my hair products and making the decision as to whether I will splurge on some new products or get creative with what I have anymore. Baby stuff is expensive (okay, well I guess hair products are expensive, too, but you know what I mean...) and there's a lot of it! You need diapers, clothes, baby approved soaps and sunscreens, diaper rash cream, enough wipes to last through a week's worth of normal diapers and/or a week's worth of massive, out of this world blow out diapers! Oh and you don't just need clothes you need EXTRA clothes and not even just extra clothes, extra, extra clothes. Basically you should prepare as if your baby is going to explode every single day that you're away. Don't forget the massive furniture-like items - the Pack and Play, the sheets and the mattress pad for the Pack and Play (remember, your baby will be exploding on this trip, God forbid the mattress get ruined), at least one stroller but if you're a stroller freak like me, you'll bring two, a portable high chair, a bucket filled with all of our favorite toys, I'm certain I'm forgetting something. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Today is the day that things will get done, I'm sure of it. I doubt I'll start packing but I will definitely make note of what needs to be packed and get all of my laundry done so that it can eventually be packed. When I die, my cause of death will be laundry, I'm certain of it. I think about hiring a laundress from time to time but then I realize that would be very unwifely of me. I mean, even if the laundry piles as high as Mt. Rushmore before it gets done, it's still my job and for some weird reason, I always feel very domestic and accomplished after it is all done and neatly put away.

I have also been wanting to paint lately, our walls were originally painted with cheap, builder's paint. The kind that you barely touch and you've actually just permanently left your mark on the time capsule that is our walls. Bryan painted the living/dining room, kitchen and Aydan's room while I was pregnant and now I would like to tackle the rest of our first floor. Maybe I will make that my project for when we get back from Florida!

Anyway, that's the Monday to come in a nutshell as I sit here on my couch not doing anything productive. Woohooo!

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  1. Good morning friend! You sound like me this morning! We leave for our trip to FL in two mornings and all I've got is a list of things to pack and keep Dylan busy in the car! I am enjoying a cup of coffee and procrastinating as well! Can't wait to see you and Mr. Aydan in FL! And I LOVE your blog design! :)