Monday, July 11, 2011

A Successful Boy's Vacay and Homesick

It turns out saying goodbye to Bryan and Aydan was a lot harder than I thought, not to mention that day was just a mess from the start. I started by dropping my phone in a sink full of water and I ended up dropping Bryan's phone and shattering the entire thing literally right as they were about to pull out of the driveway. I got tears in my eyes kissing Aydan goodbye but took comfort in knowing that he was in good hands with his daddy. After they left, I decided to get one of my favorites - a Publix sub, I witness a very rude lady being well, very rude and it just made me feel even more defeated. I came home, ate my lovely sub and went to bed early. There is a happy ending - I was able to get our entire upstairs cleaned and reorganized, I also got the carpets cleaned! I went from feeling very defeated to very accomplished. The boys really enjoyed their trip and came home tired and happy. We have insurance on both of our phones, so I filed a claim on Bryan's phone and a brand new phone arrived the very next day, I was able to fix my phone with a Ziploc bag full of rice and now it is good as new! 

On Sunday we decided to go to the beach, in the two years that we've lived here, we've never ventured to one of Georgia's beaches. I think I've just felt like whatever beach Georgia had to offer was not going to be good enough. We went to Hilton Head, SC, about an hour drive from us and it was nice, much nicer than Tybee Island. We rented bikes and rode them down to a less crowded part of the beach. Aydan enjoyed a nice nap snuggled up with me on the blanket and Bryan got some great pictures of the little man's first beach trip. With all of the stress that Bryan has been dealing with at work and just the pure craziness that seems to be our life these days, it was so nice to just relax and spend the day with each other, as a family without the distraction of anything else. 

Hilton Head was truly beautiful but I just find myself really missing home lately. I will always favor Florida's beaches and I will always get butterflies every time we cross the state line and I see the brightly colored "Welcome to Florida" sign. I am more ready than ever to PCS, I think I just feel like since going back to Florida isn't an option right now, I am eager to go somewhere new and start a new chapter. 

I think there is a Florida trip in my future, just for a few days to see family and friends, especially since when we do PCS, it will be a lot harder to get down there. 

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